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สะตอรี่ ของสาวพม่า มีเยอะเชียว หมาน มงได้เลย

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Scars to your beautiful !!!
I was 19 when I found lumps in each side of my breast. It was frustrating for a teenage girl who had nothing to worry about before.
As the size of lumps grow day by day, the doctors told me that it was heading to becoming cancer and decided the need of the removal of the lumps immediately.
My operation was successful but there were consequences. Instead of recovering without a scar, the wounds led me to frequent allergies and the stitches got bigger, eventually left permanent scars.
I had just started modelling at that moment and this experience made me down in a way knowing that my body would never be the same. I thought of removing the scar by laser treatment but then I asked myself why I would need to. It's just a scar and I'm still me. I met self-acceptance realizing nothing changed who I am and the values I set for myself.
Now, when I see those scars, I feel empowered. I'm glad that I did a right thing. What if I was unaware of those lumps and too late to remove before it turned to cancer and spreaded to other organs? These scars of mine is a reminder that I survived and I was conscious about what was happening with my body.
That's why my advocacy as Miss Universe Myanmar is to raise awareness about breast cancer and body consciousness.
Women are the most precious beings of our society and their bodies need a really good care. We need to be conscious with what is going on in and out of our body and treat it right and well. Health issue like breast cancer is very common among women but we can beat it without damaging our whole system if we know it as early as possible.
So, to all the women out there who have experienced what I have, there is no shame in the scars you got. Be a proud survivor and raise awareness to protect our sisters from what we have seen. Let us be the light for every women of the world.


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