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  1. HOTCHA! Love all the girls. You are so sexy! Can't wait to see you all in short dress! MAKU ORGANIZATION
  2. :::MATTHEW::: ....Well done ladies! This is Love at First Sight - swimsuit competition, ladies and gentlemen. Soon, we will come back to see them in short dress. See ya later!!!
  3. :::MATTHEW::: ....Welcome back to 15th Miss Love of T-Pageant beauty contest! We are live from the Pearl Island of the Bahamas!!! :::MATTHEW::: ....Today, our contestants will present themselves in swimsuit. This is one of the most important parts to select TOP6!!! :::MATTHEW::: ....Everything is set! please enjoy Love at First sight - swimsuit competition!!!
  4. Good jobs gals! Can't wait who will win this award. Soon we will know the result. MAKU ORGANIZATION
  5. :::KINNEY::: ....Well done ladies! Soon, we will know who will win this competition. Until that time good night!
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