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  1. Wonderful! ladies! now all the competitions for Top 9 selection has just completed! I will send everything to the judges soon. Also, I will open the Vote system for all of you to select one of your friend to be Top 9. Good luck all the girls! See you soon! MAKU ORGANIZATION
  2. ANDY What a wonderful night! All of our Miss Love of T-Pageant 2020's contestants have done their excellent jobs in Love at first sight competition. Our judges will select the best 8 for Top 9. Another place will be the choice of all contestants of this year. The vote system will be opening soon. We are close to Top 9 announcement! So excited! Are you? Haha Good luck to all of you ladies! For tonight! Have a good night! 晚安!
  3. RECORDED VOICE Song Ji Hye, 25, Miss Seoul !!!... Believe in the sprit of love, it can heal all things!
  4. RECORDED VOICE Karen Quiñones, 25, Miss San Juan !!!.... If I know what love is, it is because of you.
  5. RECORDED VOICE Annabell Kendrik, 25 , Miss Moscow !!!... Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
  6. RECORDED VOICE Ariya Jassice, 26 , Miss Manila !!!... Use your beautiful heart to love and you will feel you have never felt and stand at no one can get.
  7. RECORDED VOICE Alina Do, 24, Miss London !!!... Love for a woman is "Love your body, be yourself", be confident in who you are.
  8. RECORDED VOICE Adface Castilano, 25, Miss Kingston !!!… The most beautiful love is to care for the hearts of those around you.
  9. RECORDED VOICE Kaliegh Garis , 20, Miss Johannesburg !!!... Love is when you know how to give and receive, try to learn to love others and be selfless, you will have an easy life.
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