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  1. !!!VENEZUELA!!! So happy, I'm MMU Venezuela, top 10 Miss Mardoo Universe. Please support me in this competition
  2. Hello, 안녕하세요, 大家好. Miss Seoul is here Wow, the food is delicious The pajamas party is so comfortable. I hope I will have the opportunity to join you in many party like it
  3. === MISS MARDOO UNIVERSE PERU ==== Miss Peru has arrived at the hotel. Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead is great Look forward to seeing my roommate - Miss Venezuela (Jennifer Mai) Tada, she changed the new outfit to go to get the sash. It was thrilling ::: MISS PERU ::: "Well, So happy to bring this sash - Peru. I will try to complete my activities well at the 15th MMU"
  4. === MISS MARDOO UNIVERSE PERU === 10 minutes ago, Miss Peru took a flight to Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Everyone should wear a mask at the airport to avoid infecting with Coronavirus Miss Peru is checking in and preparing to pick up her luggage "Miss Peru in your area" Beautiful girls are taking pictures together ::::: MISS PERU ::::: "Hola, Me llamo Lona Neves. It's an honor to join the 15th MMU. I hope everyone will support Miss Peru in the competition" She got in the car to move to the hotel
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