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  1. Hola! I'm here - Jennifer Mai My roomate - Miss Peru . She's so beautiful .Hope we will be best friend Muchas gracias !!!
  2. AND NOW , HERE I AM . I'M SO HAPPY WHEN I'M HERE JENNIFER MAI LOVE ATLANTA, FROM VENEZUELA SEND FOR LOVE Excited, excited because this is my first time participating in MMU. I will try my best! I have come and will bring glory to my country - VENEZUELA I met friends - QUEENS - who were beautiful and determined. They help me feel more confident HOLA! I'M JENNIFER MAI, I'M FROM VENEZUELA . HOPE EVERYBODY WILL SUPPORT FOR ME Muchas gracias !!! Nos vemos!
  3. China fighting [emoji630][emoji630][emoji630][emoji630] Gửi từ INE-LX2 của tôi bằng cách sử dụng Tapatalk
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